What People Are Saying about Gathered Stones

“Well-written and inspiring, Reverend Lyle’s stories of his encounters will encourage the reader to become more aware of his/her own ‘divine encounters in everyday life.’ Highly readable, Gathered Stones is hard to put down, but you should confine yourself to a story a day so you can savor the spiritual richness of each one.”
~ K.P.

“These charming stories of everyday grace will warm your heart, stretch your mind, and nourish your soul. With admirable honesty and prayerful awareness, Mike Lyle draws from his experiences as a young minister to lead the reader deeper and deeper into the wonder and mystery of life with God. His eye for detail and his gift for storytelling enable the reader to travel with him as he ministers to his flock and shares his personal journey in a way that exposes the many and various ways life with God is intricately woven into the fabric of daily life–if only we have eyes to see. This inspiring collection is not only the perfect gift for seminarians and ministers, but also an excellent gift for those times when our doubts disturb us and we need a faithful voice whose lived experience can gently remind us of both the awesome and mundane reality of life with God.”
~ E.W.

“Mike Lyle’s honesty and observations will refresh your heart and spirit. He has the combined gift of observation (with humor and a deep caring) and a true ability to write. Words are used sparingly and thoughtfully. His familiarity with both small towns and big cities broaden his view. He writes from an open-minded perspective with a desire to learn and experience whatever comes his way–like it or not. He unabashedly reveals his own mistakes and shortcomings, and this is where you may ‘see’ yourself, and receive some redemption in knowing you’re not alone out there. I also found myself being more conscious of ‘ordinary’ daily happenings…my eyes were opened. Hoping there will be more books to follow by this author.”
~ D.K.

“This book is a glowing example of spirituality that extends beyond church walls, beyond convention, and beyond our understanding. It’s a reminder that feeling connected with God doesn’t have to be so elusive after all. We simply need to live in the moment and open our eyes to the beauty around us. Humble, unassuming and spot on, these stories have a way of seeping into your unconscious – you’ll carry them with you long after closing the back cover.”
~ A.R.

Author Michael Lyle - Gathered Stones: Divine Encounters in Everyday Life